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Use our SPEED fencES for:

Front of stage barriers
Fencing for queueing systems
Safeguarding special/restricted areas
Demarcating backstage areas at concerts
Securing perimeters of event areas
Fencing to keep construction areas secure.
Demarcating VIP areas
Demarcating bars for decanting and ID checks
Dividing event space into ticketed areas

Benefits of speed fences:

They offer fast set up and dismantling
Speed fences offer great portability
They are able to decrease unwanted incidents
Speed fences effectively manage large groups of people
They offer quick and easy creation of pathways
Speed fences are strong and don’t damage easily
Cost effective crowd control
Do not damage the environment
Make effective use of space

Event Fencing Specialists

Inkunzi Fencing is a specialist in temporary speed fences and fencing and free standing crowd control instant movable fences. Our instant speed fences are used in the entertainment industry and for special events and concerts, as well as construction sites, sporting events, expos and political rallies.

If public safety is your number one concern, then choose Inkunzi Fencing for safe, fast and speedily erected fencing. We are a preferred supplier for many high profile events and construction sites due to our extensive knowledge and experience.

Use instant speed fences to quickly and efficiently fence off or control crowds on a temporary basis. These fast and easy to set up temporary barriers have a wide range of applications, such as construction sites, sports events, concerts, rallies or any event where you need to effectively control crowds and ensure their safety.

Our instant speed fencing barriers are easy to install and dismantle but are strong enough to hold crowds under normal conditions. If a crush situation occurs, they are able to collapse under sufficient force for safety reasons.

Our Vision

We strive to continue to maintain long term relationships with clients and expand the company as we develop sustainable value for our clients and employees alike, by working in a safe and cost effective manner that is profitable for everyone, while at the same time meeting all our customer’s expectations timeously and working in a way that does not damage the environment in any way.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to offering a superior service and being just in our decisions, honest above all considerations, and giving service substance to all our customers. We strive to ensure a positive experience for our customers, where they can use our services with confidence, knowing that all their speed fencing requirements are being met by professionals who deliver the highest quality work standards at all times.